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With more than 30 years of automotive experience, Valioso Automotive Consultancy optimizes your Used Car department and surrounding business processes. Do you or any of your branches have a strong need for improved returns, or do you want to excel even further in an already well-performing business? Get in touch!

What does Valioso Automotive Consultancy do?

Valioso Automotive Consultancy focuses within the automotive industry, offering its services to importers, dealer holdings, stakeholders, as well as financing companies and accountants who are in need of clear analyses and especially practical improvement trajectories. They can choose to add this activity to their service portfolio within their own organization. Additionally, Valioso Automotive offers reliable and exclusive trade representation to internationally oriented medium-sized B2B companies, primarily from the Netherlands and Belgium, with a primary focus on Spain.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive & financial analysis and individual improvement plan
  • Guidance and coaching in executing the improvement plan
  • Coaching and sales conversion improvement for the salespeople
  • Improving the (online) customer journey
  • Process optimization / reduction of stock days
  • Interim management (partly remote)
  • (Online) appraisal training
  • Trade representation for international B2B companies
  • Advice & guidance on forward-looking delegation
Gertjan de Jong - Valioso Automotive Consultancy

Every top athlete needs a coach as well, don't they?

Discover the story of Valioso Automotive Consultancy

'The more quotes, the better,' a frequently heard slogan in the automotive industry among car companies and dealerships. It gives me goosebumps! With 21 years of experience in the Premium Segment, I know how important it is to actually create as few quotes as possible and first delve deeper into understanding the customer. This is where the first step towards gaining trust and achieving sustainable profitability improvement lies. Quote generators and shop attendants will once again become true salespeople! How do I know this? Learn more about my experience and the story of Valioso Automotive Consultancy.

'valioso' stands for valuable

A valuable addition to your existing business operations. That's what 'Valioso' stands for! Read what others say about us.

'valioso' stands for valuable

A valuable addition to your existing business operations. That's what 'Valioso' stands for! Read what others say about us.

Get in touch!

Interested or have questions about the services of Valioso Automotive Consultancy? Valioso Automotive Consultancy operates its activities in both the Netherlands and Spain, as well as remotely. Feel free to contact us by phone, send an email, or fill out the contact form.

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